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The NEW Sweet Science UFC / MMA Podcast

Mar 28, 2016

Is the UFC really up for sale? James' love for the Nate Diaz Victory Tour. Paul breaks down Ronda Rousey's mindset. Who should Cyborg fight for her 1st UFC fight? Paul & James throw a little heat at Cousin Frank for not showing up. Fan asks, "Is Cormier being a bitch for . . ." 

Mar 24, 2016

Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz for UFC 200? Mark Hunt wins . . . and so did we with our strong push for the Mark Hunt (-175) bet. Is Rory MacDonald taking a huge risk by not resigning before the Stephen Thompson fight? James goes on UFC fan blast again. . . and more 

Mar 18, 2016

We break down UFC Fight Night 85. What did we think of Werdum calling Conor a prostitute? Two bets you need to consider for this weekend. Rin Nakai wormhole that eventually lead to this question: What happens when you type UFC in the Pornhub search bar? . . . and more

Mar 14, 2016

Does Nate Diaz "deserve" a fight against Lawler? RDA? Was Conor "exposed?" We break down the UFC Unstoppable Press Conference. Is Donald Trump the Conor of politics? Paul's [Cormier + Cejudo + Bernie Sanders] Parlay . . . and more

Mar 9, 2016

WOW! What a main and co-main event! Did Conor McGregor "quit" by tapping? Once again, a main event betting underdog wins. What is next for Nate Diaz? Conor? Who should fight at UFC 200? James goes on a Jose Aldo Blast. Was this Ronda Rousey's Golden Ticket? Why was Paul furious about the UFC weigh-ins? . . . and more...