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The NEW Sweet Science UFC / MMA Podcast

Jun 27, 2016

Brother Mark in studio. UFC post-fight: Thompson vs. MacDonald. How James retired Brother Mark from video games? Which UFC fight are you most excited for? Brother Mark endures Paul-Fire. Which title fight is most likely to be cancelled? Our official Guest Mission Statement. Nicknames we love. 

Jun 18, 2016

Cousin Frank's surprise visit. Who will Bisping fight next? Nicknames we love & hate segment. Bomani Jones tweets Cousin Frank. New segment: Paul's Life Hacks. Who would win: Shaq vs. Demetrious Johnson? Betting on Game of Thrones & video games.  Frank buys Mr. Hyde. 

Jun 10, 2016

One of the craziest UFC weekends ever!!! Michael Bisping's huge knockout upset of Luke Rockhold. The death of Kimbo Slice. Brock Lesnar fighting in UFC 200 . . . and Ariel Helwani escorted out of UFC 199. Blast off!!!

Jun 3, 2016

UFC 199 predictions. James' buzzed "Lock of the Season." Paul learns Dong is the new John? UFC 199 39-1 parlay. James' "Taylor Swift" shin bones? Paul blasts Bryan Caraway-Tate haters. Why sparring is overrated? Who will dethrone Dominick Cruz?