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The NEW Sweet Science UFC / MMA Podcast

Jul 28, 2016

Post-Fight UFC on Fox: Holm vs. Shevchenko. Mark Hunt's pissed off. Joe Rogan's contract. Will you pay for UFC 201? Dana White at Republican Convention. UFC sale compared to Yahoo, AOL, and MLB. Nicknames We Love & Hate. Jon Jones' brother tests positive. The New Sweet Science Sportbook: UFC 201. 

Jul 21, 2016

Brock fails UFC 200 drug test. Michael Page's skull-crushing flying knee and Pokemon celebration. Post UFC FN 91. Who will fight Eddie Alvarez next? Who is UFC's shortest fighter? James' crazy Nick Diaz stat. Nicknames We Love. Holm vs Shevchenko & Barboza vs Melendez bet talk. 

Jul 14, 2016

Post UFC 200. Who will Brock Lesnar fight next? Jon Jones' monumental mistake. UFC sold for 4 billion dollars. This weekend's highest earners $$$. Why you should love Dana White? Cormier/Cerrone feud. James and Paul ban a fighter from being talked about. Is Dan Henderson's title shot fair? 

Jul 7, 2016

UFC 200 coming this weekend!!! 3 events in 3 days. Will Brock Lesnar win? Will Jon Jones' "sobriety" hurt him? Will RDA live up to the Cyborg name James has given him. Reflection on Miesha Tate's awesome story, and body. Is Jose Aldo mentally finished? Paul apologizes for last show . . . and see who he blames. And a...

Jul 1, 2016

Should GSP fight Bisping? Do females enjoy MMA? Should we have Game of Thrones on the show? James teaches Paul what "Puck Bunnies" are.  James gives Anderson Silva's dumbest comment. Talent vs. hard work. Cousin Frank shows us that you can bet on anything. Paul calls James' wife Jon Jones. Did BJ Penn learn...